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  1. Polly Hemp-Hauge

    News : 01/13/2022 ~ Doctor Who + Eve Online : The Interstellar Convergence Now Live

    The world's largest and oldest time travel TV program has teamed up with the world's largest and oldest space MMO. Eve Online + Doctor Who does seem to be an epic lash-up as many fans do cross over. Daleks are now in New Eden...
  2. Polly Hemp-Hauge

    News : 12/29/2021 ~ Big Finish Releases 11X Doctor Who - Short Trips: The Lichyrwick Abomination

    Written by the Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trip Opportunity 2021 winner Joe Vevers this new Nonth Doctor adventure is out now. Directed by Nicholas Briggs and narrated by Jacob Dudman this 42 minute tale is graced by the music and sound design of Richard Fox @ FoxYason Studios. This free...
  3. Polly Hemp-Hauge

    News : 12/01/2021 ~ Andrew Skilliter Releases EXTERMINART! The Doctor Who Dalek Art of Andrew Skilleter

    Described as "A Dalektable large format Hardback book packed with the Dalek Art beautifully produced and printed in litho all in fabulous colour." This new Doctor Who book of art may be ordered right here...
  4. Polly Hemp-Hauge

    News : 11/25/2021 ~ Big Finish Releases Terry Nation's Survivors - Ghosts & Demons + New Dawn

    Survivors is a British post-apocalyptic fiction television series devised by Terry Nation of Dalek fame and produced by Terence Dudley at the BBC from 1975 to 1977. Survivors concerns the plight of a group of people who have survived an accidentally released plague that kills nearly the entire...
  5. Polly Hemp-Hauge

    News : 11/15/2021 ~ BBC Releases Galaxy 4 (2021) Animated

    The latest missing and presumed lost Doctor Who story to be brought back to life in animation is out now in Europe and England. This new title may be purchased on Region B Blu-ray format from Hive: A limited edition Steelbook is...