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  1. Rocco

    News : 01/12/2022 ~ Titan Releases Empire of the Wolf - Comic #3.3

    Rose Tyler, Empress Rose is back with the Eighth and Eleventh Doctors in tow with Titan's latest Doctor Who Comic release. Written by Jodie Houser and illustrated by Roberta Ingranata this latest issue is now available from your favorite comic book reseller online and in physical print as...
  2. Rocco

    News : 01/12/2022 ~ Big Finish Releases Doctor Who - Watchers

    The second release of the new Big Finish series "The Audio Novels" has been released. This story was written and performed by Matthew Waterhouse. This enhanced audiobook runs for 426 minutes and includes specially composed music and sound effects by Nigel Fairs. This audiobook is not...
  3. Rocco

    Doctor Who World's Apart Founders Tokens - 50% sold out @ $1000 each in less than two hours

    Fans dreaming of owning one (or more) of the only 1963 Founders Tokens for World's Apart are able to purchase them this morning. They are only $1000 each. This third of five rounds of Founder's token drops began this morning at 7 AM PST / 9 AM CST...
  4. Rocco

    News : 01/05/2022 ~ Doctor Who Magazine 573 is Out Now!

    Rocco Outpost Gallifrey News Chicago
  5. Rocco

    News : 01/05/2022 ~ Big Finish Releases Bernice Summerfield : The Weather on Versimmon audiobook

    Fans of Bernice Summerfield have reason to celebrate today. The Weather on Versimmon by Matthew Griffiths was published as a novel in February 2012. Now just slightly shy of a decade later this novel is available as an audio reading by Lisa Bowerman. The 2012 Big Finish novel is...
  6. Rocco

    News : 01/04/2022 ~ Breaking News - Eve Online x Doctor Who : The Interstellar Convergence

    Announced today the epic MMO Eve Online will host a special event beginning January 13th, 2022 in New Eden. This news includes, quote; "Marking some of the most exciting news to be shared with the citizens of New Eden, the world of Doctor Who is coming to EVE Online! Taking place as a...
  7. Rocco

    News : 01/04/2022 ~ Big Finish Releases The Fifth Doctor Adventures: Forty 1

    Fans of the Fifth Doctor as performed by Peter Davison as well as companions Tegan, Nyssa, Adric and Kamelion have reason to celebrate with todays release. From the Big Finish website, quote; "Celebrating four decades of the Fifth Doctor, with stories from across his timeline. 1.1 Secrets...
  8. Rocco

    News : 12/30/2021 ~ Early Release : Doctor Who: London, 1965 : Beyond the Doctor by Paul Magrs

    The latest Doctor Who adventure by Paul Magrs and the latest in the "Beyond The Doctor" audio series has been treated to an early release by at least one large bookseller. While the publication date still shows January 6th, 2022 Outpost Gallifrey has received multiple reports of deliveries of...
  9. Rocco

    News : 12/20/2021 ~ BBC Releases The The Collection - Season 17

    Now available only in the UK, chock full of new interviews and extras. Order from Amazon.UK : Full details on the official release page here : Rocco Outpost Gallifrey...
  10. Rocco

    News : 12/20/2021 ~ Big Finish Releases Bayban the Butcher / Colin Baker / Blake's 7

    Fans of Blake's 7 and Colin Baker have reason to celebrate today with the release of three new full cast audio adventures. Bayban the Butcher is now available on collector's edition CD and for instant download from the speedy Big Finish website here...
  11. Rocco

    News : 12/15/2021 ~ Titan Comics Releases Empire of the Wolf #3.2

    Available now at all fine booksellers. Rocco Outpost Gallifrey News Chicago
  12. Rocco

    News : 12/15/2021 ~ Big Finish Releases The Year of Martha Jones

    Fans of Martha Jones have reason to celebrate today with the release of three new full cast Doctor Who audio adventures. They are now available on CD and for instant download on the speedy Big Finish website here: From...
  13. Rocco

    News : 12/14/2021 ~ Big Finish Releases Torchwood 57 The Grey Mare

    Torchwood fans have reason to celebrate today as Big Finish has released the final Torchwood Monthly adventure of 2021. This full cast audio drama runs 65 minutes. Written by Lauren Mooney and Stewart Pringle may be ordered on collector's edition CD and for instant download from the speedy...
  14. Rocco

    News : 12/13/2021 ~ Big Finish Announces Short Trips : The Lichyrwick Abomination (Free)

    Doctor Who fans may now pre-order the 2021 Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trip simply by adding it to their cart and checking out here: This Ninth Doctor story was written by Joe Vevers, performed by Jacob...
  15. Rocco

    News : 12/10/2021 ~ BBC & Big Finish promise Doctor Who until 2030

    Fans of Big Finish have reason to celebrate today and for the rest of this decade. Big Finish announced today that BBC has renewed their license for Doctor Who through 2030. The full story may be read at the original source on the Big Finish news page here...
  16. Rocco

    News : 12/08/2021 ~ Big Finish Releases The War Doctor Begins : Warbringer

    Fans of the famous Big Finish War Doctor series have reason to celebrate today, with the release of three new stories. From the Big Finish website, quote "The Doctor is no more. In his place, a warrior, finally joining the Time War between the Daleks and Gallifrey. But how far will he go...
  17. Rocco

    News : 12/07/2021 ~ BBV Releases The Airzone Solution Audiobook performed by Trevor Spencer

    The Airzone Solution which is one of the most paramount releases in the history of BBV, has now been released as an audiobook read and performed by Trevor Spencer. It is available for download now, here on the BBV website...
  18. Rocco

    News : 12/07/2021 ~ Big Finish delays Tom Baker The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 11 Volume 01

    Originally scheduled for a January 2022 release, The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 11 Volume 01 is now delayed until March 2022. No announcement was made and customers that had pre-ordered and pre-paid for the release were not notified. The delay was only detected by a silent release data...
  19. Rocco

    News : 12/07/2021 ~ Eve of the Daleks coming January 1st, 2022 - Trailer Revealed

    The BBC have released the title and trailer for the New Year's Day adventure for Doctor Who. Rocco Outpost Gallifrey News Chicago
  20. Rocco

    News : 12/07/2021 ~ A Target for Antoni by Obverse Books ~ Collector's Item book Selling Out - Fast!

    Outpost Gallifrey has been closely monitoring this quite interesting new anthology from Obverse Books. Very few details are available about the stories it contains yet of notable interest is Doctor Who's Katy Manning / Iris Wildthyme's very first piece of written fiction. While there is no...