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    Good to hear Rufus Hound will Still be playing the Monk

    The Monk is Missy's new companion Volume 3 and the good news is its still Rufus Hound playing him despite his recent Twitter scandal that got him kicked off Dancing on Ice
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    Which time travellers do you think will be involved in the upcoming 2022 Peladon boxset?

    So in the article that announced the return of David Troughton as King Peladon in the upcoming Peladon box set Big Finish teased the inclusion of "Various time travellers also turn up across these tales – and some of them have very familiar faces..." who do you think they will be? My guess is...
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    Who is your favourite Doctor?

    Mines Tom Baker
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    Which Doctor Who story do think is over rated that everyone else seem to love?

    For me it's to be Blink, sure it's a great story but doesn't really deserve to be near the top of best episode polls like it has in the past. On the Big Finish side of things I'd have to say the entire Lucie Miller run is over rated, there are definitely some fantastic stories among them but...