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  1. The One

    The Time Scales Code of Conduct Update - August 4th 2021

    The Time Scales Code of Conduct has been updated today: Key points are : 1) Covid-19 Misinformation is not allowed. 2) Multiple accounts are now allowed. 3) Posting of 'Garbage' is not allowed. Please do familiarize yourself with the Code of...
  2. The One


    Do we really need rules? There's been a rising conversation here in the last two days about rules and I even had to warn a few people on The Time Scales, so let's get those clear. 1) Outpost Gallifrey has no rules. That's the whole fucking point. It would be nice if people would be civil...
  3. The One

    Bernice Summerfield Updates

    For some odd reason The Time Scales was always missing a large group of Bernice Summerfield stories from Big Finish anthology books. Nearly 200 stories have been added today which should finally complete the entire catalog of Benny stories. If there's anything missing do let me know. K
  4. The One

    Doctor Who News News

    Hello folks and happy summer! We are not going to go into the whole history of Outpost Gallifrey right here and now, yet what some people have been missing is the news feed. Last summer when Outpost Gallifrey opened again for the first time in eleven years, it quickly became the #1 Doctor...
  5. The One


    Welcome back.