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  1. Doctor Who

    NEWS : 01/03/2022 - Fady Elsayed to play the next Doctor

    Fady Elsayed has emerged as a ‘very different’ contender to replace Jodie Whittaker in the next Doctor Who. The British-Egyptian star, 28, has drawn the attention of the sci-fi drama’s producers and is said to be a front-runner in the race to be the 14th Doctor. Elsayed, who was born in London...
  2. Doctor Who

    News: New BBV film in production

    Did you not get the one that came out this week?
  3. Doctor Who

    News : 09/17/2021 ~ Win for Outpost Gallifrey

    Steven Hill and Tony Jones will both be attending SarCon next month, perhaps that would be an ideal time to release it?