In his latest ramblings, owner of Timescales, one transphobe Kamelion erroneously credits the new Interlude story I, Kamelion to 80s Composer Dominic Glynn. The true writer of this brilliant story is in actuality noted fan Dominic G. Martin.

This has been your latest update from one of Timescales most frequent users…


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Dan, three problems I see with this is that;

1) You posted this as news and it is not. Glad to see that someone moved it to the correct category of discussion.

2) Isn't this kind of harassing to another member and against the TOS of The Time Scales? Maybe you should review those.

3) There are multiple Dominic G's in relation to Doctor Who. One would not even want to try to delve into how many Ian's there are and which one is which.

1) it was breaking news.
2) not when that member is notoriously problematic.
3) a simple use of a magical search engine known as Google would have made it clear, or better yet the use of your own eyes on the cover.