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Greetings. I am Leti, and I have come here because word has gotten around about the high quality of Doctor Who discussion here among the elite of fandom. I am disappointed to learn, however, of the widespread abuse that many of the members here have experienced. I have seen many cases of abuse in online forums over the years and, unintentionally, as a result I have become the world's foremost authority in legal action against former forum owners and illegal use of non-profit status in IRS fraud. My expertise has led me to be called upon by many, from the pashas of deep Peru to viceroys from the moistest of realms.

Kamelion, due to the fortuitousness of my arrival, I am uniquely able to help you pursue your action against Steven Warren Hill, Shaun Lyons, and others. However, as you have already noticed, their agents provocateur have already set to work here to undermine your credibility and position you negatively for when the legal battle is joined. If you would please forward me the data you plan to expose, I can help you maximize their legal impact. What's more, I strongly suspect that the allegations of pedophilia, doxxing, and censorship have been made in order to entrap you, so if you can also forward me (in a direct message, obviously) your administrative passwords as well as your login information for the adult celebrity sites mentioned on this site, I can help you strategize your best legal defense or perhaps even neutralize such counterattacks before they are inevitably launched by those who are threatened by your long game.

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Another poster with an overly flowery posting style. Whoever would’ve thought it? There are a shocking number :D

They also share Kamelion’s habit of referring to SH by his full name. Weird that, eh?

By the way, the doxxing was done on this site by Kamelion. He/she entrapped their self.

ETA: Or this is a rather wonderful piss take and I didn’t pick up on it at first.
So calling Kamelion out on his years of bullshit makes me an accomplice to his so called harassers? I’m okay with that, if Kamelion goes down for it kicking and screaming like the rampant dick he is, I’m willing to side with his so called “abusers” who are far more squeaky clean than he ever will be. 😏