News : 05/04/2022 ~ BBC Releases Doctor Who: The Penumbra Affair : Beyond the Doctor

Polly Hemp-Hauge

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The latest Paul Magrs (The Nest Cottage Chronicles) adventure with Mrs Wibbsey is out now for your listening pleasure.

Advertising materials read:

"Susan Jameson reads this Beyond the Doctor story featuring the Doctor's housekeeper, Mrs Wibbsey.

A letter arrives at Nest Cottage, warning of danger for all former companions of the Doctor. Intrigued, Mrs Wibbsey begins a correspondence with one Polly Wright - and soon finds herself with an unexpected guest for Christmas.

But shadows are gathering in the Hexford snow, and old scores are waiting to be settled. With Mike Yates and other friends around her, Mrs Wibbsey must navigate her way between facts and half-truths if she's to keep the Doctor's secrets safe, and live to tell the tale...

Susan Jameson, who plays Mrs Wibbsey in BBC Audio's Nest Cottage Adventures, reads this poignant and intriguing story by Paul Magrs."


This new release is now available on CD-Rom from major retailers as well as for audio streaming on popular services.

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