News: 05/18/2023 ~ Big Finish Releases Dark Season: Legacy Rising


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From Big Finish, quote;

"For as long as anyone can remember, there have been stories about Bishop Grave School. Terrible secrets were once buried within its foundations, screaming to be unleashed. Some children spoke of ghosts... others, strange noises... but nobody ever believed them.

Those who remember - and dare - still talk of the events from thirty years ago. They whisper about conspiracies and computers, fascists and scientists... and a mysterious man called Eldritch who wanted to bring about the end of the world.

Taylor Sullivan knows these stories better than anyone - their mother lived through them - but even that cannot prepare them for what’s to come. As a new year brings fresh dangers, can Taylor and their friends discover the secrets of Bishop Grave's past... before that past discovers them?

1. Spring by Tim Foley
2. Summer by Chris Chapman
3. Autumn by James Goss
4. Winter by Russell T Davies" Unquote


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