News: 05/24/2023 ~ Big Finish Releases The Sixth Doctor Adventures: Purity Unleashed


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From Big Finish, quote;

"Marine biologist Hebe Harrison has vanished from the timelines and the Doctor and Mel must find a way of getting their new friend back! But little do they realise what perils lie ahead - or who stands against them...

1. Broadway Belongs to Me! by Matthew Sweet
The Doctor and Mel begin their search for Hebe in 1930s New York, where history is taking a dark turn all of its own. On Broadway, they discover a genuine aberration of the timestreams: Behold America! - a hot shoe show set in a future Fascist United States. Starring Melanie Bush. Opening tonight...

2. Purification by Chris Chapman
The Doctor and Mel follow the trail to a port in New Zealand, 1910. A ship is being prepared for a journey to Antarctica and the Doctor realises that this is Captain Scott's Terra Nova expedition. But this is merely the beginning of an intricate scheme to rewrite the future of humanity.

3. Time-Burst by Ian Potter
Tracking the anomaly that erased Hebe from history, the Doctor and Mel find an instability in Sheffield, 1864. Who is Mrs Virtue, the mysterious owner of the new steelworks? And can the Doctor untwist history before a natural disaster washes them all away...?"


Includes free Bonus story, Interludes:

The Doctor and His Amazing Technicolour Nightmare Coat​

By Gary Russell


Available here and now:

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