News : 08/04/2022 ~ BBC Audio Releases Doctor Who: The Resurrection Plant by Will Hadcroft


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Fans of the second Doctor, Jamie, Zoe and new BBC author Will Hadcroft have reason to celebrate today with the release of The Resurrection Plant on CD and streaming services.

"Publisher's Summary
Frazer Hines reads a brand new story featuring the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe.

The TARDIS brings its occupants to Calico Three, an Earth-like planetoid where industrial foundries are worked alongside sophisticated technology. The Doctor is staggered to learn about the Resurrection Plant, which re-births anyone mortally wounded in the line of work.

While Jamie is put to work in the foundry, Zoe and the Doctor investigate the Plant - but when the machine goes terribly wrong, they must work with the locals to combat a horrifying monster. The Doctor also uncovers a shameful secret that, for him at least, hits close to home.

Frazer Hines, who played Jamie in the TV series, reads Will Hadcroft's intriguing adventure." Unquote

This particular story and author have been making the rounds in Doctor Who social media with multiple interviews which outline and together tell a story of an author with a Doctor Who story that was in the making for nearly thirty years. Interviews include:

The Time Scales Interviews (Two Parts - Three Hours):

The Folklore Podcast Season 7: Episode 113 with Gareth Preston (One Hour Four Minutes):

The Sirens of Audio Podcast (One Hour Fourteen Minutes):


This story is now available on CD in the United Kingdom and will become available on CD in the United States in December 2022.

This story is now available for streaming worldwide through your favorite services. In the United States it is available on Audible here:

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