News : 11/25/2021 ~ Big Finish Releases Terry Nation's Survivors - Ghosts & Demons + New Dawn

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Survivors is a British post-apocalyptic fiction television series devised by Terry Nation of Dalek fame and produced by Terence Dudley at the BBC from 1975 to 1977. Survivors concerns the plight of a group of people who have survived an accidentally released plague that kills nearly the entire population of the planet.

Big Finish has released three new stories today.

In audiobook format we have Ghosts and Demons written by Ethan Milsea and read by Carolyn Seymour. Run time is 336 minutes and it is available for audio download here:


Next we have Survivors: New Dawn 1. This is an anthology of full cast dramas consisting of these stories:

1.1 Tethered by Andrew Smith
1.2 My Generation by Katharine Armitage
1.3 Behind You by Roland Moore

This new release is available on CD as well as for audio download here :

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All new releases are ready for reviews @ thetimescales with these respective entries:

Survivors - Ghosts and Demons

Survivors: New Dawn 1 - Tethered

Survivors: New Dawn 1 - My Generation

Survivors: New Dawn 1 - Behind You

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