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While it should have been slathered all over Twitter and Doctor Who news sites I am still seeing that apparently I am the only person in Doctor Who Fandom that seems to know that this is "Podcast Summer". The Time Scales is attempting to add every single Doctor Who podcast in history, closed and still running. With links to known archives of course.

Check out the ultimate modern list of podcasts where you can listen and then save them in your history of ratings, free on The Time Scales. Heck, you can even review them if you want to. The Time Scales is the #1 most active Doctor Who and Big Finish review site on the Internet and by way, way far and it has been for many years. So why not link to every podcast? It was the right and natural thing to do and this provides every Doctor Who fan a way to catalog and cross reference Doctors, companions, locations, etc. And there is no better cross reference guide to every story there is than The Time Scales. Period. Try it, you will like it.


So there's some more new news.

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And do feel free to suggest missing podcasts for addition. That's going to be happening for some time I expect. While at present there appears to be just under 100 active Doctor Who podcasts (and I initially expected it to be about 1500), this is still quite impressive.

As of just now 'Podcasts' is so called 'complete'. I am sure it is not complete and look forward to additions.