The One

Do we really need rules? There's been a rising conversation here in the last two days about rules and I even had to warn a few people on The Time Scales, so let's get those clear.

1) Outpost Gallifrey has no rules. That's the whole fucking point. It would be nice if people would be civil, but you don't have to. We have not implemented rules here and I think it may prove that moderation was never really needed. Over time. Some people will burst out but that is okay.

2) The Time Scales : TTS has always had rules and that's to keep it focused as a viable review community, of which it is the largest and most active in history. The rules there are simple and if you have not read them, they have always been posted since the site started over a decade ago. They have been modernized as of last winter or whenever but they are simple:

The Time Scales Code of Conduct:

Basically don't fuck with other reviewers. If you want to slam the other reviewer or even call his mum a whore, that's fine, just do it here on Outpost Gallifrey, not in the reviews. The Time Scales is for reviews as it is arguably the most credible source so it's a public thing. It's cred depends on at least loose rules and the admins will defend it. People have tried to hack the site and it never worked, oh I dunno, maybe because it's RUN by hackers? 2600 dude.

Outpost Gallifrey does not have rules as of today June 4th, 2021. Does anyone see any rules? OG was created by a total ass hole (Shaun) that treated people horribly. In this case when Outpost Gallifrey returned it was in fact created again by some total ass holes (and one of the main founders). But we don't care. We just don't bully people. And that's what the Doctor Who fandom scene has needed like, forever.

We just don't bully people. That's the #1 problem in Who fandom because of bully websites.

Everyone knows that.

So let's see what happens. I lay my faith in the community and I think I know full well what will happen, and it will be what was always needed.

Let's all cross our fingers.

I do believe that Twitter has done the best job of online bully combat, followed by Google and then Facebook. Youtube to the credit of Google or AlphaBet rather got the whole situation under control around 2006, but the problems of bully treatment still exist today in Doctor Who fandom.

Okay, I didn't plan on posting all of this today has honestly I am not that interested. I'm a Sci-Fi fan yes but I also have a personal life away from the computer so I don't care if someone calls you a dick or something to be honest. I am not a baby sitter and I am not a teacher. Deal with your own shit.

One of the main problems with Doctor Who fandom has always been that since Outpost Gallifrey went offline it split into two nine forums to speak of. Only two of them are worth mentioning:

1) Gallifreybase

I am 100% fully aware of the transaction where Shaun Lyon sold all of the user data to Steven Hill from the original website. Others have mentioned that Steve Hill is running a so called 'illegal' IRS tax exempt non-profit called 'Gold" something and I looked into that. Yeah, that guy is going to get busted big time. Apparently he is telling the IRS that his website is non profit while he is a published author and host of conventions. WTF. That's just really stupid. I kind of feel bad for the guy to have all of that go public all of the sudden.

That is very likely doomed.

2) Divergent Universe?

That appears to be run by Big Finish author Tony Jones where he got his co-workers to get on a website when Big Finish closed their chat forums. I tried to talk to people but found it to be heavily edited and ended up not going back. I really don't have much more of an opinion on that.

But what I do know in my heart, is that the Doctor Who fan community has always, always, always needed a fun and free forum with no rules.

There will be some jerks, sure. But ultimately I do believe that Outpost Gallifrey will once again become the media of choice for Who fans.

It was before, and history repeats itself.

The One (aka Ray)