The History of Outpost Gallifrey


I suppose this would be a good time and place to type this. The true history of Outpost Gallifrey should be known and I just so happen to know that.

It's actually not that dramatic and the factual simplicity may come as a surprise.

Outpost Gallifrey was the result of a USENET newsgroup group (created by me) of none other than Doctor Who fans switching to the new thing, the World Wide Web. Shaun Lyon in Los Angeles California switched the main discussion forum from USENET (drwho) in 1993 to WWW with DoctorWhoNews. Shaun (without my permission) ran this forum until his wife insisted that he quit (I was in daily communication with him) and he sold or otherwise conveyed all of the user data to Steve Hill in Chicago. Author Steve Hill then used all of the purchased or otherwise conveyed user data to his domain name Shaun actually threatened to shut down the site and I formed a large posse to stop that nonsense. I am actually the person that convinced Shaun Lyon to not shut down the site by informing him (in public) that the decision was not his alone as he was not the sole creator of all content. Shaun listened but he didn't do what I think was right. Instead of keeping the community alive by it's creators, he sold it to Steve Hill. Shaun Lyon and Steve Hill have a common trait in that they both promote Doctor Who conventions. For profit guys. Go figure. Author Steve Hill to this very day runs a fake IRS non-profit that he calls 'Gold Usher' and he's probably looking at prison time for that. And if you logged time at a Doctor Who forum from 1996 to 2020 he has all of your data, name, address, email, etc. He bought it.

I guess in all of this chaos at some point Steve Hill while running his fake IRS non profit called 'Gold Usher" forgot to renew the domain name for '' as maybe he thought his data sharing partner Shaun Lyon might be doing and neither of these fuck-heads renewed it.

There is more... When Shaun Lyon and Steve Hill apparently fell asleep, was registered again by The Time Scales founder that went by the username of 'Imperial Heathen'. In 2020 The Time Scales was sold to me by the founder and '' was included. So I got my original Doctor Who site back for the first time since 1993.

In 2020 Outpost Gallifrey returned as a new site. While we are not fans of Shaun Lyon due to the fact that he abused users repeatedly, Outpost Gallifrey returned as a news site, taking it all the way back to it's origins in 1996-2005. 27 people volunteered and make a remarkable and fun group. That news site ran for 9 months before being overwhelmed with traffic. Rethinking has resulted in a new forum and everyone from 'back then' are onboard.

I never wanted to run a forum. But there needs to be something fun and actually 'free' of commercial interests. And there 1 billion percent should be something free of bullies.

So Outpost Gallifrey is back. And it's back in California where it came from. My original newsgroup #drwho since 1993 has now come full circle.

Everyone should sign up and get your usernames ASAP!

This is going to be really fun.

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