Which Doctor Who story do think is over rated that everyone else seem to love?

For me it's to be Blink, sure it's a great story but doesn't really deserve to be near the top of best episode polls like it has in the past.

On the Big Finish side of things I'd have to say the entire Lucie Miller run is over rated, there are definitely some fantastic stories among them but for he most part I find the stories to be either good or just okay.

And on the book side of things I'm gonna have to say Lungbarrow, sorry Marc Platt you are one of my favourite Who writer but this I personally found this to be way to complicated and I wasn't too keen on some of the elements it introduced into the Whoiverse.
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Seriously dude? Ban me? Why man?

It sounds like you have been raised in the 'ban' culture where you think that general consensus or even your own opinion allows you to bully others? That's where the term 'Karen' came from in 2020. That is also called a 'mob mentality'.

It sounds like to me that you might have a better time on forums that are actually run by bullies, such as:

1) Gallifreybase.com - Steve Hills corner that he shits in where he lives. Steve Hill is the main bully in Doctor Who fandom, as he censors people while he takes their money. Steve Hill runs a fake IRS non profit (yes, he will get busted for it I am sure) called 'Gold Usher" where he takes peoples money, doesn't pay taxes on it and then censors them. Don't like something someone says on there? Just give some money to Steve Hill and he will help you censor them.

2) Divergent Universe - Big Finish author Tony Jones runs a website where he and Big Finish staff harass consumers and delete opinions they don't care for. John Dorney participates in it.

So, check those out. This is not that kind of place my friend.

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'should have been banned'. Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you? I should have been banned? That is extremely hateful. Might I suggest the writings of oh I dunno. Hitler maybe? For you to say that I should be banned, the only thing that comes to mind is fuck off dickhead (With a California accent).

I have no idea who Yorick is and I have never seen a review by him, but if you think you can get on here and harass another person you're wrong friend.

If you want to state something factual do it, feel free.

Go ahead and state your facts as that should prove interesting.


There is in fact another user 'Kamelion' on the Gallifreybase forums but that is not me. I actually had the username first since around 1998.


And it doesn't mean much as I am not actually a fan of the Doctor Who character Kamelion. It was just the only username available for a character that had not been used yet.


For some reason people on Gallifreybase steal other peoples content so I would not be surprised.

In fact the owner of that, Steve Hill stole a HUGE amount of data from the original Outpost Gallifrey.

But this forum is free of him, finally.


The Time Scales doesn't delete reviews.

But going 'ape shit' does sound interesting. Could you perhaps do that now so we can see what you mean?

Go ahead. Go 'ape shit'. I actually want to see what that means.


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Between the administrator label and the large number of reviews under their belt, indicating that they have been around for awhile, it seems like we're stuck having to deal with this Kamelion person for the foreseeable future? An unfortunate everyday occurence that we just have to put up with, like having to look at a slur scribbled on the restroom stall?

@kanetheundertaker25 It's not worth the energy it takes to argue with this, mate.
Over rated? Shada.

Douglas Adams fans will call for my execution for that.
Shada I agree with, it was hyped up for so long as this lost classic that when we started get the many different versions of it it couldn't possibility live up to the hype. If you'd said City of Death on the other hand I'd be sending the villagers with their pitchforks to your house :ROFLMAO: