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    Bye, Felicia

    MaxEllSib-Swe Your account was suspended on The Time Scales and you were provided with the reason why. You repeatedly, beyond warnings, continued to post what we call 'garbage'. Repetitive words to obscure the rating results by failure to post a review. You filled in the review area with...
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    The Time Scales Code of Conduct Update - August 4th 2021

    The Time Scales Code of Conduct has been updated today: Key points are : 1) Covid-19 Misinformation is not allowed. 2) Multiple accounts are now allowed. 3) Posting of 'Garbage' is not allowed. Please do familiarize yourself with the Code of...
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    Technical Help

    I see. First of all you do not have to delete the other account. The Time Scales does in fact have in it's Code of Conduct that each person is only allowed one single account. I am pleased to let you know that this rule is not being enforced any longer. There were reasons for that way back...
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    Technical Help

    Hello MaxEllSib-Swe, Sounds like a sheer horror no doubt. I am the admin of The Time Scales and Outpost Gallifrey. I can help you no problem. Which account are you having issues with, The Time Scales review site or this here Outpost Gallifrey? I do not see duplicate accounts for you on...
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    Doctor Who News News

    I have confirmed that the inability to import the older "New Outpost Gallifrey" news feed is due to an incompatibility issue with the forum software. So it's going to take longer to restore the older posts. To prevent a delay, news reporters (and all OG members) may now begin to post news...
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    Doctor Who News News

    Kamelion, the date feed error is occurring when importing the previous Outpost Gallifrey news feed. Almost 100% of new Doctor Who News in 2021 is on Twitter. Do people really use websites anymore for new news?
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    Doctor Who News News

    July already? I do have an update on the Outpost Gallifrey News segment here. Four of the original reporters are back. A great group of people from the UK, US, Australia and Japan. Outpost Gallifrey, when it returned 11 years later was pretty savage cutting edge news, and while it's on...
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    John Barrowman Maybe?

    You may be looking for the report that ...... Oh, the woman has had her name changed now? The original article said who it was at BBC. Doctor Who's John Barrowman Issues Apology After Flashing Allegations Resurface Doctor Who's Noel Clarke has been under fire in recent weeks following...
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    Which Doctor Who story do think is over rated that everyone else seem to love?

    Over rated? Shada. Douglas Adams fans will call for my execution for that.
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    Do we really need rules? There's been a rising conversation here in the last two days about rules and I even had to warn a few people on The Time Scales, so let's get those clear. 1) Outpost Gallifrey has no rules. That's the whole fucking point. It would be nice if people would be civil...
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    Suggesting to ban another user is a swift road to being banned yourself, as that is called harassment of other users. If you don't like these users then go to the forums where harassment and censorship is encouraged like Divergent Universe and Steve Hill's fake non profit Gallifreybase. Do...
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    Bernice Summerfield Updates

    For some odd reason The Time Scales was always missing a large group of Bernice Summerfield stories from Big Finish anthology books. Nearly 200 stories have been added today which should finally complete the entire catalog of Benny stories. If there's anything missing do let me know. K
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    Doctor Who News News

    Hello folks and happy summer! We are not going to go into the whole history of Outpost Gallifrey right here and now, yet what some people have been missing is the news feed. Last summer when Outpost Gallifrey opened again for the first time in eleven years, it quickly became the #1 Doctor...
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    Okay I think we are about ready to get this started up. Seems like it is working and stable. Thank you to the beta testers.
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    All Doctor Who fans, welcome back. Welcome Back!