Life Size Remote Controlled Dalek Available (with space for kegerator inside)

Hi Folks - Story Time

First let me start by saying that i am not a Doctor Who fan at all. I watched it a bit as a kid growing up in Australia, so that's how i became aware of the Daleks.

Back in 2014 i was working for a software developer (in their IT dept) and on the side was (am) an avid maker of anything, wood, metal, welded, CNC'd, 3d printed and used microcontrollers (Arduino/Raspbery Pi).

At this company, we had a once-a-month event called "Firsty Thirsty Thursdays". What this entailed was the facility manager manually pushing 2 kegs of beer + snacks around on 2 carts to each persons desk (a 400 person company) on the first Thursday of each month. After watching him do this a bunch of times, I and some other folks who worked there tossed the idea around of building a robot that could be remote controlled to do that job for the facilities manager.

After a lot of back and forth, we convinced the company to actually sponsored the idea and they provided a very small budget to get the job done. With this, i recruited several other like minded folks within the company, and together we got to work on designing and building that robot.

We new we needed something to fit a kegerator (which held 3x 6th barrel kegs) and it had to fit through standard width doorways. We also wanted something that was recognizable. After a lot of research and drawing inspiration from another keg robot someone else made at a different company (in the shape of R2D2) we landed on building a Remote controlled Dalek looking robot around a kegerator.

Many months passed and our team actually got the design and most of the build done. Unfortunately we did not finish the project - folks who were on the team left the company for career advancement, and i struggled to recruit other like minded makers/builders who were willing to give up their time for the project. With that, the project was abandoned, and i ended up with the Robot. It has been sitting idle since 2017 in my finished basement.

I live in Portland Oregon, and am about to move so now need to see if anyone is interested in buying what we made.

If you have the interest, ability and means to pick it up in Portland OR i have it on Facebook Marketplace here:

Height: ~76"
Width: ~27"
Length: ~42"

1. Most of the photos and videos attached are when it was working. Since then, the kegerator has been removed, and the remote control and motor driver facility (Arduino mini controlled) haven't been turned for a long time (the brain is included). I don't know where the latest Arduino sketch is, but i can probably provide some old drafts to allow you to pickup where i left off.

2. The Raspberry PI that we used to display the beers (it ran a website which we accessed via a tablet (not included) which was on the robot) + play the sounds "EXTERMINATE" + sense fluid flow (so we could pull analytics data on all the beer we consumed) has been removed. There is a car stereo and speakers still in it. The brain and remote control are included.

3. There is no battery included (It ran off a 12 small car battery).

4. What is left is the physical structure + the motors (there are 2, it is a chain driven skid/steer control type) which came out of the type of motorized carts some grocery stores provide for folks less able + the brain + a key/kill button

5. The dimensions of this robot compared to any series of Dalek as way off. This was necessitated by the requirements to house a kegerator as well as fit the Dalek through regular width doorways. At its height, the robot we built would actually need to be a good bit wider and a little longer for the dimensions to be closer. Nonetheless, what we ended up with resembles a Dalek!

6. Any sale is "As Is" i don't profess that it runs or works in any way, but the motors should likely be fine as they worked fine when i last used it.

Happy to answer more questions if you have any.



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