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I have written a Doctor Who tribute album which is intended to pay tribute to the classic series, Mainly aimed at the era I grew up in.
i.e Seasons 21 up to 25 And will be my tribute to some of the composers of that era!
I have taken inspiration from one of my favourite artists as a kid and the music of season 23 Trial of a Timelord!
I originally approached Dominic Glynn via email asking what equipment he used to generate the sounds for the main theme and incidental music, and he told me what was used and where in the music so I have since obtained such equipment identical to what he used in the program, Which as a kid I could only ever dream of owning!
I am a 45 autistic from Birmingham UK and a Whovian who Enjoyed Doctor Who from early 1980s to early 1990s.
This album may not be to everyone's tastes, But nevertheless I would like to share my take on the retro-style sounds of my childhood and with those nearer my own age who grew up around then and beyond!
This will be no ordinary or original sounding Doctor Who music, It will have a whole new bunch of features, In addition to some of the original Doctor Who sound!
This album is non-profit, Self funded and fan made!
This album when finished will be free for anyone to download via you tube or direct from upcoming website and is by arrangement with Dominic himself, Now how about that?
I hope you enjoy the upcoming album-Doctor Who the 5th Dimension!
Free to view and download at:


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