News: 01/11/2024 ~ BBC Audio Release Doctor Who: Escape the Daleks!: 3rd Doctor Audio Original


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Katy Manning reads this thrilling original adventure for the Third Doctor, as played on TV by Jon Pertwee, and his companion Jo Grant.

An Escape Room with a sting in its tail is the setting for the Doctor and Jo’s latest encounter with a familiar enemy. Three young graduates and their tutor race against time to crack the codes, open the exit door, and obtain ‘A New Life’ – at least, that’s what the publicity said.

As the Doctor observes proceedings, he begins to suspect that something far more sinister lurks on the other side of the door. To make matters worse, the room appears set to eliminate anyone who doesn’t make the grade.

Working against time, the Doctor and Jo form an uneasy alliance with the gamers. What terror lies waiting for them all? Katy Manning, who played Jo in the BBC TV series, reads this tense thriller by Steve Lyons.

Reading produced by Neil Gardner.
Sound design by David Darlington.
Project editor: John Ainsworth.
Executive producer for BBC Audiobooks: Michael Stevens


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