News: 02/02/2024 ~ Big Finish Releases Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles Volume 06: Victory of the Doctor


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A long time ago, during every second of existence, there was a war. An impossible war between gods and monsters. A war that should have killed them both. Only the gods are dead and the monsters are back, stronger than ever. The monsters are coming for all of creation.

The universe's only hope for survival lies in a blue box. The Doctor and Valarie Lockwood, the unstoppable duo, ready to stop the monsters and save the universe once again. Except this time, the price of victory might be too high.

6.1 Didn't You Kill My Mother? by John Dorney
Another day, another set of clients needing arbitration. However, this case is special. It's the kind of case that could make a career. It could definitely earn you a promotion. The case? Lockwood versus Hendricks.

6.2 Daleks Victorious by Felicia Barker
Everything dies when the Daleks arrive. Friends, loved ones, even hope itself. As the people of Medrüth are about to discover, nothing can stand in their way. After all, the Daleks won the Last Great Time War. Right?

6.3 The Last Stand of Miss Valarie Lockwood by Alfie Shaw
R.I.P Valarie Lockwood, 6th October 5324 - 1st May 1893.

6.4 Victory of the Doctor by Alfie Shaw
He told them to run. They should have listened.


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