News: 02/10/2023 ~ The Time Scales Releases The Time Scales Interviews Adam Martyn


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The Time Scales has released the latest interview in their ongoing series with new Big Finish Doctor actor Adam Martyn.

From The Time Scales, quote,

"The Time Scales catches up with the extraordinary Adam Martyn who just debuted as a Big Finish Doctor Who actor who portrays Callen Lennox in Shades of Fear: Red Darkness by Roy Gill alongside of Christopher Eccleston and a magnificent Big Finish team. Red Darkness is one of the highest rated Big Finish Doctor Who stories in modern history according to The Time Scales ratings and here Adam shares a story of how this came to be from when he interviewed Helen Goldwyn on his own podcast. This is a drop the mic staggering story by Adam and it was a sheer pleasure to be able to do. Adam is an amazing, awesome, talented and kind person and this was sooo much fun to be able to do."

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