News : 02/12/2022 - Cutaway Comics Releases Paradise Towers: Paradise Found 2

Polly Hemp-Hauge

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From Cutaway Comics, quote "Paradise Towers: Paradise Found is a comic series focusing on the Kangs of Paradise Towers, who were licensed directly from their copyright-holders. It is published by Cutaway Comics.

Taking place after events in the Doctor Who serial of the same name, PARADISE FOUND continues the story about the weird and colourful world of Paradise Towers taking the characters and setting into a new and exciting dimension.

A story perhaps best known for the Kangs - groups of teenage girls with their own language and allegiances identified by their colour schemes.

Paradise Towers: Paradise Found is a new four-part US-style comic mini-series from Cutaway Comics. Written by SEAN MASON with art by SILVANO BELTRAMO, the comic has been developed with input from the original creator and award-winning dramatist STEPHEN WYATT.

PARADISE FOUND is in full-colour featuring colouring from Andrew Orton. Issue 1 will be published in August 2021, with further issues following quarterly." Unquote

Issue #2 has been announced as shipping and all details and orders would be well represented here:


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