News : 02/22/2022 - Big Finish Releases Torchwood 59 - Sonny


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Fans of Torchwood have reason to celebrate today with the release of Big Finish Torchwood #59 : Sonny by Lizzie Hopley. From the Big Finish website, quote;

"Sonny is the answer to elderly care. Artificially intelligent robot carers placed in old peoples’ homes that mimic the behaviour of their owners.

Only there are rumours that something is wrong with the Sonny units. That they’re too clever. That they are learning too much. Rhys sends his mother into a home to find out. But what will it cost him?
" Unquote

This story features the following cast;
Sonny is available on collector's edition CD and for instant download via the speedy Big Finish website here;


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