News: 03/08/2023 ~ Big Finish Releases The Eighth of March 3: Strange Chemistry


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From Big Finish, quote;

"Scattered through time and space, many women have crossed paths with the Doctor – friends, foes, and figures from history – and there can be a strange chemistry when they meet…

3.1 A Ghost of Alchemy by Louise Jameson (4 parts)
When the TARDIS lands in New York in 1921 the Doctor takes the opportunity to introduce Leela to one of the foremost women of the age - the great Marie Curie, visiting America to be celebrated for her work.

But the time travellers are not the only people interested in the famous scientist. Sinister forces are gathering around her and the TARDIS crew will have to work their utmost to keep her safe on her historic journey through the United States.

3.2 Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden by Karissa Hamilton-Bannis (1 part)
Young Amelia Pond is used to getting into trouble. After another fight at school, she is sent back to counselling. But her new therapist is rather unconventional…

Because Missy is also in trouble. Stuck on Earth, she’s targeted one of the Doctor’s best friends to get his attention - but her timing’s off. Amy’s TARDIS encounters lie years in her past and future, but there’s something strange in her garden now. As Missy sets her sights on young Pond, the fairies may be her only hope!" Unquote


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