News: 03/16/2024 ~ Reeltime Releases Myth Makers: Kate Eastel


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Kate Easteal joined the BBC as a teenager, straight from school, in 1983. She soon found herself working in the Blue Peter office, which led eventually to her becoming Producer’s Secretary to John Nathan-Turner on Doctor Who. She left to work for Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and then Coast to Coast, while the company was trying to source funding for a Doctor Who movie! Her final job, before starting a family, was at Channel 4 where she produced features for The Slot. For two and a half years Kate was at the hub of Doctor Who production and has a unique insight into how the programme was made in the 1980s. Interviewed by Sophie Aldred at Myth Makers Live 2 in 2023, this really is a trip down memory lane for both of them. They hadn’t seen each other for 35 years … so lots to catch up on!


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