News: 03/26/2024 ~ Big Finish Releases Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Chronicles Volume 03: You Only Die Twice


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Agent who?

When the Time Agency faces its greatest threat, Keira Sanstrom knows there’s only one man for the job. But saving the universe is one thing. Keeping Agent Doctor in line is a far more impossible mission…

3.1 Sunstrike by Georgia Cook
His clients have conquered millions of worlds. His weapons have ended billions of lives. But his private resort has the sort of security system that only trillions of credits can buy. Not even the Time Agency can bring the Quartermaster to justice.

Which is why Keira’s enlisted a new recruit. The Doctor has faced many villains, but this time, he’ll have to become one…

3.2 Never the End Is by Ben Tedds
come to collect. Every day, pilgrims seek absolution at the Basilica of Mariazell. Like the painter who sees impossible things. Or the stranger who remembers people she’s never met. Or the Time Agents trapped in the town that time forgot.

But Christoph Haizmann will have no absolution. Once, he made a deal, and at last the Devil has

3.3 You Only Die Twice by Fio Trethewey
This time it’s personnel.


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