News : 04/07/2022 ~ Thebes Publishing / Erimem Fall Silent Online

Millie Chan

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The self described "Small publishing company" known for the return of Erimem in new novels written by creator Iain McLaughlin and others, has fallen silent much to the concern of Erimem fans. For several days the website simply failed to connect however as of today the website located at now shows a placeholder page from Internet domain name registry GoDaddy which indicates that the publishing companies domain name has expired.


At present it does not appear to be common knowledge even while fans are still awaiting titles such as A Pharaoh of Mars, Goddess of Mars and Legions of Mars. The last mention of these titles was several weeks ago with them showing for pre-order with no release date promised. A fan that goes by "drdelerio" was found on Twitter claiming to have received one of these titles in the mail. When contacted he recanted his story saying that he had mentioned 'the wrong title'. When asked if he was aware of the fact that the Thebes Publishing website was missing 'drdelerio' stated "Ah man, that sucks!"

Will provide updates if and when available.

Millie Chan
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