News : 06/08/2022 ~ Big Finish Releases Out of Time 3 : Wink


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Fans of Sixie and David Tennant and the Weeping Angels have reason to celebrate today with the release of Doctor Who Out of Time 3 : Wink.

From the Big Finish website, quote;

"When the Sixth Doctor goes sight-seeing on Lucidus Silvara, he finds himself in a place where nothing is visible at all… only all-encompassing light! The Tenth Doctor is drawn in by a temporal anomaly, and the two Doctors meet a species with no sense of sight, living in a city surrounded by Weeping Angels.

To save a civilisation, the Doctors must keep their eyes on the Angels. Don’t blink. Don’t even wink…" Unquote

This story is receiving quite high average rating on The Time Scales, here;


This story is available on collector's edition CD as well as for instant download via the speedy Big Finish dedicated page, here;

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