News: 08/30/2023 ~ Big Finish Releases Doctor Who: The Sixth Doctor Adventures: Purity Unbound


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From Big Finish, quote;

"The Doctor, Mel and Hebe are reunited - but Purity's temporal meddling has altered history as they know it. To make matters worse, whatever is left of the being once known as Patricia McBride is still intent on fulfilling her grand design for humanity...

Girl in a Bubble by Jacqueline Rayner
The TARDIS arrives in Hebe’s flat but it’s not how the Doctor and Mel remember it - and neither is Hebe! In Purity's new timeline, Hebe Harrison lives in a grand penthouse with armed guards and a live-in factotum - Ron! - and if she ever leaves her sanctuary the world will end.

Are these strangers the ones who have been sending her messages? And can this reality be undone without losing Hebe forever?

The Corruptions by Mark Wright
Melanie Bush is a popular part of the Pease Pottage village community, and her best friend Hebe runs the local café where Elise the florist often drops by. Elsewhere, the Doctor is trapped in a nightmarish realm - Pease Pottage Services - unable to cross the boundary of the motorway where shadowy creatures drift amid the traffic.

Purity is watching, and if the Doctor attempts to rescue his friends... they will cease to exist.

The Wrong Side of History by Robert Valentine
Mel, Hebe and Elise find themselves inside a plastic bubble-city in a distant future of humanity where robotic ‘Purifiers’ police the sickly populace. Purity rules this antiseptic nightmare from her high tower, and with the Doctor as her unwilling new helper, she can finally make everything... perfect." Unquote.


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