News : 09/01/2022 ~ BBC Audio Releases Doctor Who and the Keys of Marinus : 1st Doctor Novelisation


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From BBC, quote; "Jamie Glover reads this gripping novelisation of a classic TV adventure for the First Doctor.

The TARDIS materialises on a remote island, set in a sea of acid, on the planet Marinus. The Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara meet Arbitan, keeper of a vast computer which rules and balances the gentle life of Marinus. Yet peace on the planet is threatened by the sub-human Voord, who wish to take control of the Conscience.

Arbitan enlists the travellers to find the five crucial Keys of Marinus in various locations across the planet. Thus begins a series of terrifying adventures for the Doctor and his friends, who must find the Keys if they wish to ever to see the TARDIS again.

Jamie Glover, who played William Russell in the BBC TV drama 'An Adventure in Space and Time', reads Philip Hinchcliffe's novelisation of Terry Nation's 1964 TV serial.

Reading produced by Neil Gardner at Ladbroke Audio
Sound design by Simon Power
Executive producer: Michael Stevens" Unquote


Now available for online streaming.

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