News : 09/25/2021 ~ Doctor Who Magazine Requests Opinions on Joy Wilkerson's story Black Powder


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Doctor Who Magazine is all ears and they want to hear from us.

For those that do not know, Doctor Who Magazine dropped their regular comic series citing an all too common excuse which is abused by businesses far too often these days and years, Covid. I don't buy that excuse because comics and stories can be produced remotely and without personal interaction and threat of exposure. It's just a bullshit excuse.

What Doctor Who Magazine did to satisfy us consumers of their regular comics was to bring to light one of the most talented Doctor Who authors in the history of the series, Joy Wilkerson. And that author along with Doctor Who Magazine provided us with a two part story, Black Powder.

You can see my reviews of these stories on The Time Scales here:

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And then finally you can see the Tweet by Doctor Who Magazine asking for input that came out this morning, here:

Their offer comes complete with the fact that your opinion could be part of the next Doctor Who Magazines 'Forum' which is quite excellent on it's own.

So yes, do reach out to Doctor Who Magazine. The fact that they are listening is remarkable. That is really quite excellent.

I LOVED Joy Wilkerson's story, Black Powder.

If you did as well, by all means do review it on The Time Scales here:

Black Powder ~ Part One ~ The First Gun

Black Powder ~ Part Two ~ The Last Gun

These stories actually hit me like a sledge hammer in part because many of us Americans live under threat of violence, and in particular gun violence. It appears to be a political and financial issue combined where it is acceptable for even children to be killed (google Sandy Hook, one of the darkest days of American history by far). It also appears to us that we as citizens have our hands tied and can not control guns or use of them by criminals. It's a horrible fear that Americans live with every day if they will admit or even realize it. Joy Wilkerson put this way of living into a mild display of kindness in a sweet pill of Doctor Who. Her compassion can be clearly felt while this author is blatantly and rightfully so using the platform of Doctor Who to convey a message of value. And I think that's pretty much what Doctor Who has always had the ability to do, even while not using it. Joy Wilkerson nailed not only #13 and Yaz, she nailed the entire good will while -look at this- aspects of Doctor Who at their very core.

All that being said it's not an overall gun story, nor is it a statement. It is an observation that might very well be shared by like minded and forward thinking and -positive- people.

I believe that 'Black Powder' by Joy Wilkerson may be one of the finest Doctor Who publications of this decade and most certainly a shining and gorgeous representation of Jodie Whittaker's #13 and Mandip Gill's Yasmin Khan. It is a mild celebration to women if looked at carefully yet that is not the overpowering message. The overpowering message is actually that of love and hope for humans as we are today, with sidesteps considered. It's actually a really incredibly beautiful story when you really sit down and think about it. @joyofse19

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