News : 09/25/2021 ~ Maze Theory delays Doctor Who : The Edge of Reality yet again


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One of the most highly anticipated and most often delayed games in the history of Doctor Who gaming has been delayed yet again.

The most accurate date of delivery of this new title can be seen at the end of the Maze Theory Trailer on Steam, as being September 30th, 2021.

Further, the September 30th release date has been posted since July 22nd and this date continues to be published here:

However the new release date on Steam is now showing as October 14th, 2021. Maze Theory, to the knowledge of this consumer, has not provided any reason for the over two week delay.

Buyers that have pre-ordered this title and expecting it this upcoming Thursday as promised, only to find it delayed again may still enjoy the official teaser and trailer on the official BBC Doctor Who channel on Youtube.


Trailer (Which still shows a September 30th release date at the end)

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