News : 09/29/2021 ~ Doctor Who ~ Season 13 Airdates


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Oh here's the thing everyone is waiting for.

BBC should be releasing the airdate of S13E01 either today or Monday October 4. I have predicted this for well, well over six months now and all of the episode release dates have been published on The Time Scales since around January of 2021. I.E.:

That has said October 10th for well over six months and I still think it is accurate.

Here is what I believe the airdates are:

Doctor Who ~ Season 13 Episode 01 - Airdate October 10th, 2021 - Title Unreleased
Doctor Who ~ Season 13 Episode 02 - Airdate October 17th, 2021 - Title Unreleased
Doctor Who ~ Season 13 Episode 03 - Airdate October 24th, 2021 - Title Unreleased
Doctor Who ~ Season 13 Episode 04 - Airdate October 31st, 2021 - Title Unreleased (First ever Halloween Episode)
Doctor Who ~ Season 13 Episode 05 - Airdate November 7th, 2021 - Title Unreleased
Doctor Who ~ Season 13 Episode 06 - Airdate November 14th, 2021 - Title Unreleased
Doctor Who ~ Season 13 Episode 07 Special - Airdate January 1st, 2022 - Title Unreleased
Doctor Who ~ Season 13 Episode 08 Regeneration - Airdate expected April, 2022 - Title Unreleased

The season will consist of six regular episodes instead of 12 as normal, and then 11 as stated before. It's been chopped in half. Which I guess is far better than cancelling the season for a whole year while all of the actors age. As is the norm apparently.

There will also be a holiday special which was formerly the Christmas Special but now on January 1st. Then there will be the special episode with (spoilers) the regeneration scene into the Fourteenth Doctor.

Let's see what happens. I think the next episode is less than 10 days away and have always been under that belief, because I timed behind the scenes camera shots and set props to place the first ever 'Halloween' episode, way, way back in January, 2021. If they have shifted episodes by a week or switched them around then this is likely this is wrong. But even if the dates are off (no proof of that yet), the overall season information should be extremely solid.

It's very correct on a basic level and has been for a long time.

Good days ahead very soon!

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We’ve known the broadcast dates for Season 13 for nearly 50 years by now! (30/9/1975—6/3/1976)

What I suspect you meant was Series 13, as that’s the one that’s hopefully coming sometime next month!

(Oh, and it isn’t exactly the show’s first Hallowe’en special; even discounting Planet of Giants, which just happened to fall on 31/10/1964, there’s still The Waters of Mars, which, while not actually broadcast until 15/11/2009, is officially labelled as the 2009 Hallowe’en Special!)



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No, I will not go back and edit all that from 'season' to "series". Fuck it. Everyone should know better by now. Haha!

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