News: 10/17/2023 ~ Big Finish Releases The Paternoster Gang: Trespassers 1: Rogues Gallery


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Victorian England is home to the Great Detective, Madame Vastra, her resourceful spouse, Jenny Flint, and their loyal valet, Strax. Solving conundrums, fighting injustice and capturing criminals are all in a day’s work for the Gang - but the most dangerous threat is one that takes up residence undetected.

There are trespassers in London, and they are coming to Paternoster Row…

1.1 The Ghost and the Potato Man by Barnaby Kay
When a criminal gang pulls off a series of impossible heists, Inspector Cotton calls upon the talents of the Great Detective to crack the case. Tipped off by Ellie Higson, the Paternoster Gang uncover a link to a baffling music hall act.

While Jenny and Vastra chase down leads in London’s dangerous underworld, Strax finds a career on the stage is beckoning…

1.2 Symmetry of Death by Dan Starkey
Cases are mounting for the Paternoster Gang. Three mysteries call for immediate attention: a murder, a locked room conundrum, and some acts of random vandalism. But is there a connection?

As Jenny goes undercover and Strax stakes out the suspects, Vastra finds an echo of the distant past which could be the key to the solution.

1.3 Till Death Us Do Part by Lisa McMullin
Jenny has decided she wants a wedding - a real wedding with Vastra, before their family and friends. But the viewing of a dress leads to misunderstandings and confusions, becoming ever more serious. The owner of the dress claims to have been jilted years before by a man both familiar and unfamiliar... the Doctor!

As tempers flare, alien forces are at work - and what’s more, there could be a trespasser in Paternoster Row.


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