News : 11/06/2022 ~ The Time Scales Releases The Time Scales Interviews Andy Hardwick - Big Finish Doctor Who Composer


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Synopsis from The Time Scales, quote;

"This is the ultimate (perhaps only) Zoom interview ever with one of the most prominent and talented Doctor Who music composers of all time. Andy has produced the music and sound for 94 Big Finish productions, alone with an additional 24 under his music production commercial partnership ERS. This includes of course the BBC Audio Award winning Dark Eyes. Andy contemplates with a glass of red wine while interviewer Grego and he discover that they both fly airplanes. It's a very unique, fun casual chat with one of the most talented Doctor Who music composers in the entire history of Big Finish. Grego calls him genius and being shockingly humble Andy disagrees with being considered a musical genius (which he clearly is). Grego tries to prove his point of being right, that Andy Hardwick is pure genius.

Hilarious fun. Timeless insight and education in regards to widespread success." Unquote


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