News: 11/09/2023 ~ Big Finish Releases The War Master: Rogue Encounters


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Throughout his many lives, the Master has visited myriad places and planets. Some he has spared, others he has destroyed... but all have felt his presence, however fleeting.

In the Time War, he helps a soldier save their world from Dalek assault...

On Earth, he helps a young woman discover the truth about her boyfriend’s abduction...

At the Sublime Porte, he helps himself to a source of incredible power...

And as the universe itself comes to an end, a lonely old man tries to help in any way he can. But the Master is always waiting.

10.1 Runtime by Tim Foley
When the Daleks threaten to alter the course of history, the Master has no choice but to save a world - and he only has an hour to do it.

10.2 Manhunt by Rochana Patel
After her boyfriend disappears on an American road trip, Alison Walker instantly becomes the prime suspect. But are the abductors from further afield than Earth?

10.3 The Sublime Porte by James Goss
Hijacking an archaeological dig, the Master excavates the mythical Sublime Porte. But he also unleashes a far more ancient force with it - and its name is Bilis Manger.

10.4 Alone by Scott Handcock
As the human race dwindles against the encroaching night, one man strives to find a solution to their plight. But can Professor Yana save the future when a dark past threatens his present?


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