News: 11/16/2023 ~ Bloomsbury Releases Adventures Across Space and Time A Doctor Who Reader


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Adventures Across Space and Time brings together key academic, critic and fan writings about Doctor Who alongside newly-commissioned work addressing contemporary issues and debates to form a comprehensive guide to the wider Whoniverse.

The perennially popular BBC series holds a unique place in the history of television and of TV fandom: the longest running science-fiction show, the series and its fan communities have tracked social and cultural changes over its 60 year lifetime. Adventures Across Space and Time presents classic writings on Who and its fandom by leading scholars including John Fiske, Henry Jenkins, John Tulloch and Matt Hills, but also represents writings and art by fans, including fans who went on to become showrunners, writers or even the Doctor himself, with contributions by Steven Moffat, Chris Chibnall, Douglas Adams and Peter Capaldi.

This innovative anthology addresses Doctor Who's showrunners, Doctors, companions, enemies and collaborators as well as issues and debates around queer fandom, intersectionality, the 'wokeness' of the Doctor, fan media including websites, podcasts and vlogs, fan activism and questions of race and sexuality in relation to the show and its spin offs. It considers Doctor Who as a peculiarly British phenomenon but also one that has delighted, engaged and sometimes enraged viewers around the world.


The Time Scales interviewed many of the contributing editors here;

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