News : 12/02/2021 ~ Obverse Releases Build High for Happiness Anthology ~ Ten New Stories


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  • ISBN: 9781913456238
At 260 pages and featuring authors from Paul Magrs to Iain McLaughlin to John Peel, Simon Bucher-Jones, Sean Mason, Stephen Wyatt, Courtney Milnestein, Ian Potter, Dale Smith, James Cooray Smith and everyone in between, this new anthology contains ten new stories. They are, from the Obverse Books website, quote; "

Introduction by Stephen Wyatt
Territory by Courtney Milnestein
C5 by Iain McLaughlin
Social Climber by John Peel
The Queen in Yellow by Ian Potter
Happiness by Dale Smith
A Cup of Sugar by Paul Magrs
When Johnny Comes Marching Home by Simon Bucher-Jones
Paradise Pre-Empted by James Cooray Smith
Pex Rides Again by Sean Mason
The Secret Life of Caretaker Number 112 Stroke 9 Subsection 7 by Stephen Wyatt


This spanking fresh anthology is now available to order for instant download and paperback, right here:

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