News : 12/09/2021 ~ Doctor Who Artist Chris Achilleos 1947-2021


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The famous and cherished Doctor Who artist Chris Achilleos has died at the age of 74 from a stroke.

Chris Achilleos was the cover artist of the covers of many Target novels during the 1970s. For the earlier publications he provided both front cover art and comic book-style back cover vignettes. He also produced a limited edition print commemorating The Five Doctors and a poster for SFX Magazine for the premiere of Rose in 2005. He also contributed at least one cover of Doctor Who Magazine, which is expected to pay tribute to his legacy next month.

His 1987 art book Sirens includes many of his Target book covers.

Aside from Doctor Who, Chris was one of the most popular fantasy artists in the world. Chris Achilleos’ near photo-realistic paintings of fantasy, science fiction, stunning women and nature in all its forms have illustrated hundreds of books, magazines and posters for almost 40 years.

Most recently, on December 18th of 2020, Candy Jar Books released

Kklak! : The Doctor Who Art of Chris Achilleos​

This title sold out today on the sad news, yet it is being reprinted and may be ordered here:

chris.jpgChris in August 2014 in London (Photo credit Candy Jar)

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Chris Achilleos is dead as of today by stroke?​

That is sad for his family and friends no doubt.

This was very surprising as I intended to read / view his book very soon. It was at the top of my small stack of Doctor Who art books.

Here's a great video review :

While my review can't top that, I did read / view this book today and my review is live now on The Time Scales:

Chris would have been an awesome person to watch a Doctor Who episode with, and listen to his comments.

He was obviously a visionary that was talented to the point of being able to put his thoughts into imagery.

In the grand scheme of things at present, 74 years of age seems like a success. I hope I can match it.

A large chunk of comforting and addicting imagery stopped today at the same time that Chris's heart stopped. There is no replacement.

The imagery of stories by Chris Achilleos captures the secret little bit of magic that we all have in our hearts in relation to fantasy. He knew us all too well for the simple fact that he was one of us.

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While it is disturbing to hear, or even deal with, a lot of us so called doctor who fans are getting up in age. So we use Outpost Gallifrey the Geriatric Doctor Who forum! Hahaha!