News: 12/14/2023 ~ Oak Tree Books and Chin Beard Books Release Children of the Circus


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“Once upon a time, there was a circus. A Psychic Circus to be precise…” 35 years after the original broadcast of Doctor Who’s ‘The Greatest Show in the Galaxy’, Oak Tree Books and Chinbeard Books proudly present ‘Children of the Circus’ — a brand-new story by Kenton Hall, adapting the audio musical of the same name.

A joyous exploration of the world created by writer Stephen Wyatt, who kindly granted permission for both this book and the audio musical, ‘Children of the Circus’ is focused on the character of Bellboy as he searches for his long lost lover, Flowerchild. But is she truly gone forever? ‘Children of the Circus’ is a sequel that remains true to the Doctor Who canon, but excitedly pushes its boundaries. A must-read title for fans of the extended Whoniverse.
From the Back of the Book

Once upon a time, there was a circus.
A Psychic Circus, to be precise.
A glorious haven for the misfits of the universe.
But then, as is so often the way, it was hijacked by a trio of malevolent Gods.
Things grew unpleasant.
Now, years later, the Gods are gone, but the scars of those who survived the Circus remain.
After all, you can't change the past.
Unless you're the Children of the Circus... and you're willing to sing.

‘Children of the Circus’ is a brand-new story based on the final serial of the 25th series of Doctor Who: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy (written by Stephen Wyatt).

This book is an adaptation of the 2023 audio play Children of the Circus, written by Kenton Hall and based on an idea by Barnaby Eaton-Jones, with kind permission of Stephen Wyatt.

Remaining true to the canon of the Whoniverse, this fantastic story puts Bellboy right back in the heart of the action - and he is still haunted by the fate of his star-crossed lover, Flowerchild. But is she really gone forever? And how did he escape his own deathly fate?
‘The Greatest Show in the Galaxy’ has often been cited by fans as one of their favourite Doctor Who stories, and ‘Children of the Galaxy’ sees Kenton Hall expertly expanding on that story and the unique corner of the Doctor Who universe that Stephen Wyatt created. First broadcast on the BBC between December 14th 1988 and January 4th 1989 and starred Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor alongside Sophie Aldred as his companion Ace. Oak Tree Books and Chinbeard Books are proud to pay homage to the original serial with the release of the book, celebrating 35 years of ‘The Greatest Show in The Galaxy’ and 60 years of Doctor Who.

Based on an idea from Barnaby Eaton-Jones, ‘Children of the Circus’ was conceptualised as an audio musical written by Kenton Hall. The musical — also available now as a limited edition 2x CD set — stars Christopher Guard (as Bellboy) and Dee Sadler (as Flowerchild) alongside the rest of the living cast of ‘The Greatest Show in the Galaxy’, including Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred, and features music from pop icon Toyah Wilcox.

‘Children of the Circus’ is published by Oak Tree Books and Chinbeard Books on December 14th 2023. Available from Amazon and all good bookshops.


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