News: 12/19/2023 ~ Big Finish Releases Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles Volume 05: Everywhere and Anywhere


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Travelling in the TARDIS is filled with unimaginable delights. You can visit every wonder in the universe, meet the founders of a civilisation in the morning and their descendants in the afternoon. You get to witness the best of everything history has to offer. However, when you can go everywhere and anywhere, you also see the dark side of the universe. The cruelty and the hatred and the violence. The worst the universe has to offer must be fought.

That’s what the Doctor and Valarie do. They hold back the darkness, whatever the cost.

5.1 Spirit of the Season by Georgia Cook
It's a Christmas miracle! The Doctor and Valarie have finally found another Clara. Shame she wants to kill them both.

5.2 All's Fair by Max Kashevsky
Chicago's World's Fair, 1893. An ideal date for a pair of loved-up engineers.

However, there are certain things you don’t want to happen on a date. An impossible reunion derailing things. Abominations stalking the streets. Your date dying at the end...

5.3 Sins of the Flesh by Alfie Shaw
Is your child exhibiting sinful behaviour? Have they set themselves on the road of eternal damnation? Has everything you tried failed? Feel like you’re out of options?

Don't worry. We can help. Bring them to the Rebirth Organisation today. Bring them to be converted.


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