News : 12/20/2021 ~ BBC Releases The The Collection - Season 17


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It's a good question. So far there are no release dates for the US. The problem is that this release was intentionally 'damaged' where it can only be viewed on certain regions, a decades old method of tampering with device abilities. These days, DVD region free players are most common, so viewers outside the UK can most certainly enjoy this release with the proper hardware that sidesteps the extremely outdated region tampering.

I have mine popped in to my region free DVD player, not that I need it. :)

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Yeah it's stupid that BBC still uses that old device tampering method of submission. I've had a DVD player that is region free for over ten years and do not understand why no one else does. In fact you can take any existing DVD player in a PC and change the region in the settings.

This old fashioned method of trying to prevent people from watching media is absurd.

There is no reason to wait for a "US" release. Just buy one online and have the correct equipment to view it, as in region free DVD player.

There's no need to have to be a so called hacker anymore. Most new DVD players are region free and if they are not, don't buy them.


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Wow, some conversation. This is great to see.

I just checked as well and there do not appear to be any release dates scheduled for this in the US. That would lead one to question why it was only released in the UK, only released to Amazon and why there are still regions on media.

Region FREE DVD players have been popular for the last decade and now outsell all others.

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