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August 2021 looks to be one of the most epic months in years when it comes to the sheer volume of new Doctor Who releases. The only month close to this was November of 2020 when the massive multi-platform saga Time Lord Victorious was culminating where we saw nearly 50 new stories released in just 30 days. This happened while Doctor Who was not even on TV.

On the heels of last week, technically, or actually the last week of July we saw;

Titan's delayed release of Doctor Who Comic 2 - Missy 2.4 - Missy's Master Plan IV
Reeltime Pictures : Jon Pertwee Uncut
Big Finish Torchwood Madam I'm

So let's take a look at August 2021. Titles already released including today are:

Big Finish : The War Master : Killing Time
BBV Productions : The Brigadier Adventures : New Pastures
BBC : The Wheel in Space novel read by David Troughton (only available on Amazon owned Audible)
Panini Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition 50 - Directing Doctor Who.

So four days into August and we already have four new releases.

Here is what is coming or at least scheduled to be:

The Shadow Client by The Fan Audio Adventures (Youtube)
Nimon of Athens : Team TARDIS Diaries 3 by BBC
The Ninth Doctor Adventures by Big Finish with Christopher Eccleston in the flesh and real voice - Three new stories
The Edge of Reality - New PC game (delayed now until August)
Big Finish - After the Daleks
Big Finish - The Secrets of Det-Sen
Big Finish Torchwood - Empire of Shadows
Dalek - Reference book by The Black Archive (Obverse books)
God of Phantoms (Tom Baker - Big Finish)
Lockdown DVD - Reeltime Pictures (major award winner)
Fright Motif (Big Finish 9th Doctor)
Planet of the End (Big Finish 9th Doctor)
Girl, Deconstructed (Big Finish 9th Doctor)
Vworp Vworp Volume 4 (the #1 fan coffee table bibles)
Paradise Towers - Paradise found, new comic by Cutaway, Build High for Happiness
BBC : The Web of Fear Animated *** HELL YEAH! ***
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart : The Ever-Running (delayed anthology by Candy Jar)
Reeltime Pictures - The William Hartnell Years - Behind the Scenes
BBV Productions - Phillip Hinchcliffe Uncut
BBV Productions : Probe Case Files (5 episodes)
Doctor Who Magazine 568
Black Powder (new 13th Doctor story in DWM 568)
Bessie Come Home, new BBC Audiobook by Paul Magrs.

So there's a lot to come. This list does not even include other releases that were scheduled for August yet now delayed.

August 2021 is indeed an epic month when it comes to new Doctor Who stories. All while it's not even on TV.

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